Improve a spectral gate

    Feb 12 2012 | 10:08 am
    Hi everybody,
    I'm building a graphical spectral gate and I've got a few issues that I haven't been able to overcome...
    As far as I can ear, the frequential treatment seems to work, it's more UI problems.
    As you can see in the patch below (to be included in a pfft~ object) I try to display in a jit.pwindow the original signal, the gated one and the gate threshold.
    Here are my problems,
    • First, when I try to use the mouse position in the jit.pwindow to update the multislider that will be used for the gate. The problem is that it doesn't seem to receive "continuous" mouse positions so only some sliders are updated in the multislider...
    • The second is that, since I'm new to max, I don't know if there's an object that may be used to draw bezier curves between points. The goal would be to be able to get every value between these points and update the multislider consequently instead of having to draw all the values, I'm not sure to be very clear...
    Of course these are just the problems a noob like me can see, if you see improvements I could do or possible side effects I haven't seen, feel free to point them to me! :)
    Thanks by advance!