including audio in video crossfader

    Dec 26 2010 | 4:01 pm
    I'm trying to create a crossfader that is effected by colour tracking of a live video feed. Recently i stumbled across a problem. The audio does not gradually crossfade to match the video... Arghhh. Because i've been using jitter mainly i haven't got much experience with combining audio elements with video. Does anybody know what i'm talking about and know how i might be able to solve this. I am using windows and the 2 audio tracks that im talking about are contained with both videos being crossfaded. Thanks :)

    • Dec 26 2010 | 6:57 pm
      it's not enough to use the sound straight from or similar. in order to do audio processing in sync with jitter(simple crossfade between movies included), you'll need to use spigot~, see helpfile. also when you do this, be patient. spigot~ does not always work as you'd expect due to recent Quicktime changes(but you can often find the right setup to get it working... again, see helpfile for spigot~). You could also try simply ramping volume down on while ramping volume up on the other(using jitter messages like "vol $1"), but this might not be as effective(if you're outputting/triggering frames using a deferred queue(qmetro, etc.), the volume control might not be as smooth).
      Hope it helps.
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