Increasing the sustain of an acoustic piano.

    Jul 07 2011 | 2:18 pm
    First time forum user, not first time Max user.
    I'm currently undergoing a project and I have hit a few brick walls! First of all, I'm using Max 4.5. I have it set up so that the computer recognises certain pitches using the pitch~ object. Once the computer hears these pitches, it buffers them, and loops them. The piano is the instrument which I am using.
    I want to make the piano loop in such a way that I can manipulate it (gradually rise the pitch) without it sounding like a looped piano sample.
    I've tried looping 1.5 sec of the sample at various starting points (attack, decay, release, etc. of the piano sound) and I used a simple grooveduck object to try to duck the clips from the looping. I failed!
    I also tried reversing the sample and playing it on top of the other one to try and smooth out the loop. I failed.
    Is there a good way to layer the samples onto one another without taking away from the piano sound so that I can loop it smoothly?
    If not, is there another way? Can I extend the release time of the piano as one does with sound synthesis? If so, can someone recommend how I would go about it?
    I have no problem with the rising pitch section, just this. I need a smooth loop, preferably a loop which sounds like a continuous sound, as opposed to a 'loop' per se.
    Thanks in advance : )