india additive monks

    May 06 2006 | 5:02 pm
    I'm going to be training sound people at [TIPA] the Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts.
    I was hoping to give a presentation on sound basics(sine waves, frequency, harmonics) I thought it would be really cool if I used additive synthesis to demonstrate harmonics, and then used that additive synthesizer to do a vowelizing. (Like buddhist monks do)
    you would think that (all harmonics equal(pulsewave)) with (two harmonics boosted( formants ))would work.
    my additive synthesizer consists on a bunch of partial~ objects (included with max/msp)
    Anyone have a method for getting a list of harmonic amplitudes to vowelize? usually you would just use a bandpass filter but I want to do it additively so they can see the individual harmonic volumes going up and down.
    I cant upload the whole patch but what I'm using to generate the amplitudes is here (requires lobjects)