inflating circles patch...perhaps a bit slow

    Jan 22 2006 | 12:23 am
    So I actually have a chance to play with gl.sketch, so I cooked up this nifty op-arty patch to draw "inflating circles", but I'm sure there's a more elegant and speedier way to do it. This is the result of extremely linear thinking.....
    Any suggestions, patched or otherwise? Would a js version of this be more efficient?
    (requires the rndlist abstraction, and the "_" object, or an abstraction called "_" that just has "prepend set" in it.)
    ==========begin _ abstraction==========
    ==========end _ abstraction==========
    ============begin rndlist abstraction====================
    =========end rndlist abstraction=================
    ==========begin main patch==================
    ==========end main patch==================