Info.plist questions

    Jan 25 2011 | 3:05 pm
    Hey gang --
    I've just finished updating a bunch of my objects and getting ready to post them for downloading. In the recent past, I've had a few sporadic reports of objects not loading, and I think it had to do with an incorrect use of "Info.plist". I changed things in my XCode project, is this correct?
    1. Copy the generic "Info.plist" form the SDK examples into my Resources for the mxo, and add it to my project. 2. Enable "Force Package Info Generation" in the XCode project. 3. Enable "Expand Build Settings in Info.plist File".

    • Jan 26 2011 | 3:56 pm
      As I recall, there are two things you need to have in place in your bundle:
      1) Contents/PkgInfo This is a file containing 8 characters: 'iLaXmax2' The Force Package Info Generation option should do this.
      2) Contents/Info.plist Here, IMS, the important things are - Bundle OS Type code ('iLaX') - Bundle creator OS Type code ('max2') - Executable file (must match the name of the executable in Contents/MacOS/ and I think it's important that the .mxo name needs to match as well)
      I'm pretty sure you only need the 'Expand Build Settings' option on if you're using macros in your template Info.plist that need expansion before copying to the Info.plist in your target bundle.