Installation stability using iSight with jitter, mac OSX

    May 12 2006 | 2:24 am
    > > I'm considering doing an istallation that would run for several months > using jitter with an apple iSight on a Mac (G4 or G5). Does anyone have any > experiences, good or bad, running an iSight with jitter over very long > periods?

    • May 12 2006 | 4:28 am
      light changes. program accordingly. don't rely on automatic light settings. tweak your iidc settings. lots of work but worth it.
    • May 12 2006 | 10:04 am
      about two years ago i had pretty bad experiences: jit.qt.grab would after a couple of days or hours lose its connection and it would keep on outputting the last frame it grabbed. My workaround was to check for identical frames (jit.change) and to close and reopen the connection after a number of identical frames in a row were detected. Not very clean though...
      Also I had a hard time of keeping max/msp/jitter up continuously: it would crash once in a while, which also seemed related to jit.qt.grab: if i removed it the rest of the patch was very stable ( and I've never had problems running other jitter patches without jit.qt.grab for long periods).
      Please note these experiences were with jitter 1.2.x, with an iSight with the then current firmware: I imagine things will have improved in the current jitter versions, but I advise you to check these things.. also this was only my personal experience, perhaps there's hundreds of people on this list who did very similar things without any problems (i can imagine)..
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