Integra Live 1.5 released

    Jan 17 2013 | 11:47 pm
    We are delighted to announce the latest release of Integra Live — an interactive audio application for musicians and music education.
    Integra Live supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Windows XP or later. It can be downloaded from the Integra Live website:
    Here's the walkthrough...
    - Connect over 60 audio modules from delays to granular synths
    - Incorporate live interaction with the routing and scripting panels
    - Automate parameters using linear or logarithmic envelopes
    - Setup audio "scenes" with keyboard and MIDI triggers
    - Add parameter controls to the "live view" for performance
    - Share and reuse your work with our integrated file format
    Coming soon…
    - Write your own Integra Live modules in Pure Data using our module developer SDK
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    Integra Live is developed by Integra Lab: