Intel Iris Pro Graphics and 2014 Macbook Pro

    Jun 07 2014 | 11:33 am
    Dear all,
    I did a quick search for up-to-date posts on this and didn't find anything. Apologies if this question was recently asked or info given elsewhere.
    I am in the market for a new MacBook Pro in the next few months and am also finally going to get my head around working with OpenGL in Jitter for realtime HD video work. My planned material will include multiple 1080p images and perhaps 4K at times (am unsure if the workflow will always move 4k down to 1080p at the moment).
    At the moment I work with multiple clips at the same time and use a variety of overlays -- at times around 4 layers deep. But am mainly making work using NLE such a Premiere etc.
    The reason for this post is to try to get your advice regarding which Retina MBP will be suitable. Given my aims will this work smoothly with the Intel Iris pro model (which would be the model of laptop I'd normally get (mid or base model)) or should I get the nVidia model?
    My guess would be that the Iris model works fine with all the regular functionality of any GPU while lacking both the RAM and dedicated processing power of a stand-alone card. But how much of an impact, plus any other quirks involved, is something I don't know about.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Jun 07 2014 | 9:39 pm
      Perhaps you could look up (gaming or other) benchmarks of the different models to get an idea.