Intel Standalone not functioning properly on PPC

    Feb 28 2008 | 2:35 pm
    Hi everyone,
    Maybe someone has run across this problem - I haven't been able to find mention of it on the forum:
    I recently built a standalone in Max 4.6.3 on 10.4.x as a trascription tool that had within it a groove~. All works fine on 10.4.x intel machines, but I just notices running it on an PPC iMac 10.3.9 that groove~ imports mp3s and aacs correctly, but wave and aiff files import and display in the waveform~ as static. Again, this does not happen with mp3s and aacs, just wav and aif.
    There are no 3rd party externals in the standalone. I thought perhaps it was a CFM support issue, and tried to run the install when prompted, but that failed with an error. Retried several times with no luck.
    I know it's hard to determine the source with such limited information... just hoping someone has encountered this groove~ behavior. Do I need to build the standalone on a PPC machine, or one running 10.3.9. The rest of the app works fine, it seems to be only the import process that's messed up. Hmmm...
    best, Zachary