Interactive Game - auto handle issue

    Nov 25 2012 | 4:39 am
    I'm new to max and was wondering if anyone could help me on my problem? I'm trying to create a game that consists of a ball being moved from the top floor to the bottom via the use of ji.handle - auto handle feature.
    I have created 3 floors by placing 3 cubes across the workbox, I have also inserted a ball on the top floor along with the auto handle attached to the workbox. With the auto handle attached to the workbox I was hoping that by rotating the workbox the ball would move but this isn't the case and I have tried changing features such as gravity and positioning and have had no luck.
    So what I'm basically asking is there a way that by moving auto handle the ball will move automatically and also if the auto handle can be seen more clearly as when I look at my patch it can't be seen unless I click around the patch to try and find it?
    Another question I have is that I am trying to cut a circular hole into the cude so the fall can fall through each floor, is there a way possible to do this?
    Sorry for the long write up, I'm just trying to find out what is possible. I have applied the patch below so it might be easier to understand what I'm trying to achieve.

    • Nov 26 2012 | 5:19 am
      - since you connected the to the object you do just rotate the camera view, in fact the relation between worldbox and the cubes always stays the same. this is as if you play the game in the real world with real objects, but your game stays always at the same location, you just rotate your head to view it from different perspectives. what you want is to connect the to the jit.phys.body objects (only the left outlet of has to be connected) - disable the jit.phys.picker and enable auto_handle at the to get easier access to - easiest way to make holes in your cubes is to design them in 3d-modelling software such as blender: 1. generate a plane 2. put a filled circle on the plane, position and size according where you want to locate the hole 3. add a boolean modifier and cut the circle out of the plane 4. extrude the plane 5. export as dae 6. load it into max with and replace the with your model
    • Nov 26 2012 | 2:45 pm
      Thanks for the reply, I have changed the jit.handle to the ball object and this will only let the ball rotate in the same position without moving in the direction of the x,y,z axis.
      I have also applied the jit.handle to the floors and this will allow them to rotate making the ball move but they seem to emerge through each other at certain angles.
      Is there a way to let the floors stay rigid and by using the ji.handle or another method to make the ball move by selecting the workbox or the entire 3d world? I can make the ball move with the picker and keep the floors rigid by removing jit.handle but my intention is to make the ball move along each floor by rotating the entire world? In meaning, let the ball move when I rotate the 3d world?
    • Nov 26 2012 | 8:38 pm
      I have applied transparent walls on the sides and have attached the jit.hanle - auto handle to the walls and floors which in return allows the roatation of the ball freely.
      The problem I still have is that the walls and floors still ermerge through each other affecting the ball to randomly jump floors. I believe the walls and floors need to have constraints but I'm not aware to put these in if possible?
      This is the updated patch so far:
    • Nov 28 2012 | 5:47 am
      hi doms. unfortunately @autohandle mode only functions with objects, and not jit.phys objects. you will have to make a handle for each of your kinematic phys.bodies if you want this functionality.