Interest in uniting for an opensource (gihub et al) project

    May 26 2012 | 5:33 pm
    After spending about a month of my own time on this, I've realized I could really do with some help. Consequently I'd like to put out an open call for assistance to anybody with the time and interest.
    The overall scope of the project is a generic system for handling as many hardware input devices as possible in as simple a manner as I can. This would enable non-max-experienced users to access the wonderful world of nui without having to learn max. Intended output is to midi I will not rehash the midi vs osc debate here, please don't try and make me.
    In addition to the current primitive gesture detection system (which supports 8 concurrent midi channels and 16 drumsynth samples) I have a number of gesture detection models I'd like to try. I want this to be a gift from the max community to the music world that will open the possibilities of gestural interfaces.
    I am aware that many projects like this are already out there, but they are all fairly intimidating to entry-level users. Let's show everyone why we're so hyped about max!