Interlacing artefacts with HDTV movies in Quicktime

    Apr 03 2006 | 11:27 am
    I like to extract frames from a HDTV movie (1920 x 1080 , mpeg-
    Format), because I need to process the frames.
    I have Quicktime and the Quicktine MPEG plugin.
    The problem seems to be in Quicktime: it only shows these
    movies with a lot of interlacing artefacts when using the
    MPEG-plugin. Unfortunately, I dont have the streams in a
    different codec (I have a variety of streams here, Sony,
    Hitachi, Pioneer HDTV demo movies). But they are all mpeg
    format. This doesnt not seem to appear in files with .mov-
    Format, only in .mpeg.
    The image quality that quicktime produces looks like this here:
    Or, if we compare the quality of the same stream with Quicktime
    (left) and Windows Media Player (right), it looks like this:
    Does anybody know how to extract frames from such movies without
    the interlacing problem ? Or what do to do with Quicktime to
    show these movies correctly ?
    Best regards

    • Apr 04 2006 | 4:22 am
      this worked for me using a hdv 1080i camera, could work for you as well: