Interp individual pattrstorage elements

    Dec 20 2007 | 8:11 am
    Is it possible to interpolate between presets, but only grabbing individual values?
    getstoredvalue only gets exact preset values.
    I'm using pattrstorage to initialize a bunch of values and lists, but then I want to interpolate only one of those elements (a big list) without affecting the other values. I could use a preset object to initialize the other data, but that seems a bit inelegant...

    • Dec 20 2007 | 10:06 am
      Quote: arne wrote on Thu, 20 December 2007 00:11 ---------------------------------------------------- > Is it possible to interpolate between presets, but only grabbing individual values? >
      Two options are to use pattrstorage's active message, or to divide up the values into subpatchers which each have their own pattrstorage that can interpolate independently. The active message approach seems cleaner.
      Here's an idea of how things would work with the active message. If it's managing a lot of values it could use an abstraction or javascript to help manage things.
    • Dec 20 2007 | 10:14 am
    • Dec 20 2007 | 10:20 am
      Quote: jln wrote on Thu, 20 December 2007 02:14 ---------------------------------------------------- > Indeed this would be inelegant to say the least. The 'recall' message > can take a symbol as argument specifying a client name. From > Pattrstorage help : >
      Rereading Arne's post, this is clearly a better suggestion. I use the active message for interpolation of arbitrary subsets of values. I don't think there's a single pattrstorage message that can do that, right?
    • Dec 20 2007 | 6:00 pm
      Quote: jln wrote on Thu, 20 December 2007 02:56 ---------------------------------------------------- > My guess is that activate/de-activate > groups of objects will potentially introduce errors more easily than > sending 'recall object' for each member of a group when managing > different groups with an external controler for example. At least, if > interpolation messages are to interfere each other, errors should be > less noticeable when using "recall object". But this is only > speculation. How fine does the "activate option" work for you ? >
      I've only experimented with it briefly and haven't used this approach in any big patches so I can't say for sure.
      I want to have a bunch of independent interpolation for various groups of values in my patch. Using my approach, each interpolation control would need to send an active on/off message for every value each time it is changed (or at least each time it is changed after a different interpolation control is changed). It seems much easier to send the correct sequence of recall messages like you were thinking. This isn't much different than Arne's original question, it just uses multiple recall messages.
      My example patch above is actually a different use case - when you want to turn on and off interpolation groups on the fly. I'm not sure where I would actually want to use that capability though.
      Patches speak louder than words. Compare this with the other patch I posted. I like this much better: