interpolating pattrstorage presets

    May 27 2011 | 6:42 pm
    I have two presets stored in my pattrstorage and would like to move from one to the other in 20 seconds. this seems to choke up the computer -- suppose there is too much data interpreted?
    The only difference are the 8 gain~ objects that fade in some sounds slowly, but the interpolation seems to create a data hazard. I get spinning pizzas but at the end of the fade things are back to normal.
    All I do is send "23, 22 20000" (move from preset 23 to 22 in 20 seconds time) to a line object, connected to pattstorage's input.
    currently my workaround is to resave preset 22 with all 8 gain~s set to 0, then fade them in with 8 regular lines -- a bit of a kludge but works much smoother.
    Any suggestions?

    • May 27 2011 | 7:16 pm
      Hi K9,
      I do this sort of interpolation all the time without it is possible. If you could post the patch, or part of the patch, it would be easier to see where the issue might be.