interpreting hardware synth preset dump data

    Sep 13 2012 | 6:49 pm
    Hello :)
    I have a Waldorf Blofeld hardware synth connected through usb to my computer, which makes it available as a midi device.
    I can, thus, handle it through max... as any other midi device. And one thing I would like to do is to obtain the values of some of the presets as a comprehensible list, preferently one that tells me to what parameter does each value refer to.
    At the moment, dumping any preset from the Blofeld to max through midii, gives me 392 separated integrers. I have also noticed that dumping a preset also sends sysex messages.
    Is there any way that I could more or less automatically know what parameters do this int. refer to ? Maybe a midi standard ?
    There exists a maxmsp programmed sound editor for the Blofeld on Osx... which leads me to believe it is possible to know this. I find hard to believe that the programmer did get this info by trial and error on each of the ints., dump after dump.
    Thank you very much for your help

    • Sep 14 2012 | 1:24 pm
      Most midi synths have a sysex data format table which would typically be included as an appendix in the user manual. If you have the manual check that. If you don't it may be available online. If neither of the above is available, you would then have to go with trial and error - maybe with some help from exploring or even reverse-engineering the editor you mention.
    • Jul 25 2013 | 6:22 am
      the waldorf website has a file you can download all sysex info on. i just made this editor that you can dump patches into and view them with, as well as edit the synth.
    • Jul 25 2013 | 10:16 am
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