Interpreting simple data?

    Jan 12 2010 | 12:06 pm
    Hi all,
    Im working on a little project that recieves pulse data at around 1 pulse per second (although at random intervals). The intention is to use this data to create a real time reactive composition.
    Although the data is quite simple there are alot of ways to interpret and complicate the the data in max for use in composition although i am looking for some suggestions and inspiration.
    Currently i am doing the following
    Outputing a simple count of the pulses ( ie 1,2,3,4)
    The time of the durations between pulses (1.25, .73, .98, .17)
    Using the position of each pulse in a cycle (eg 500 miliseconds) to trigger pre determined values ie (x, y, z)
    There are various ways i am further processing this data but i am looking for some more simple ways like above to interperate the data as a base for further processing so please feel free to coment in regards and ofcourse any other suggestions or questions are welcome
    Thanks in advance