Introducing v001 - a modular patch building solution.

    Nov 24 2006 | 7:14 am
    Ive just released a beta set of patches and objects that provide a usable structured methodology for building reusable, modular performance environments. Its is intended for Jitter, but is abstract enough to be useful for MSP users, and flexible enough to be added to existing patches with out much effort.
    The patches are Open Source (Creative Commons Non Commercial, Share Alike, Attribution), and can be found here:
    The set consists of user interface objects that build upon the basic objects in max, module loading and message passing patches, and some simple utility patches.
    v001 is not intended to solve all patching issues, but to provide a usable and simple framework that most people can immediately find helpful and to quickly begin to build custom patches that gain a lot of functionality 'for free'.
    Ive included some screen casts explaining the basic concepts. Please excuse the audio in the screencasts.
    I hope people find these objects as useful as I do. The development is also open, so I would love to have for those interested to help with development efforts, provide feedback, suggest better solutions and of course help find bugs.
    I intend for v001 to be a community driven development effort for building feature complete patches useful in the 'real world'. Id love if you could help out.
    v a d e //