Invisible pattr in standalone

    Oct 07 2014 | 12:47 pm
    hi @all_appcreators I am currently building a standalone which uses preset files, yet I would also like the user to set permanent settings which aren't part of the presets nor should they be stored in a separate preset file with wobbly subscription methods for too many pattrstorages. In the max patch these pattrs are simply 'invisible' to pattrstorage because the patch can be saved. I have devised a method to achieve a workaround but would be thankful for other, simpler and perhaps easily edited suggestions before I edit all relevant pattr objects in the patch…
    instead of setting the invisible attribute to 1, the pattr value is now being sent via a 'send' object with its varname prepended to a 'receive' object connected to the main 'pattrstorage' object, with the message 'setall' again prepended. this basically stores the pattr state to all presets simultaneously and hence will remain stable when the app is launched or presets are being recalled. The pattr state will thus be saved with the standalone whenever the preset files is saved.
    Can anyone conjure up a less involved, global method to achieve this? I hope I am being clear enough about what I want to achieve… many thanks!