iPad + Max/msp + TouchOSC and ???

    Sep 25 2010 | 1:39 pm
    Hi guys,
    i have a little problem with the ipad+maxmsp.
    my problem is:
    I can do to communicate with the IPAD osculator but I can not communicate with Max / msp.
    I tried to find information about it and have not found anything, I think it's just a game but I can not find the right solution.
    someone has some more information about it?
    from Venice cris

    • Sep 25 2010 | 6:26 pm
      This is what I use to get my WiiBoard into max... should be the same for iPad (of course you will have to set the correct port in OSCulator):
    • Sep 26 2010 | 6:15 pm
      tanx MIB.
      now i understand.
    • May 15 2011 | 4:10 pm
      what is that code above? it looks like gibberish how can i use that???
    • May 15 2011 | 4:59 pm
      Just copy it all and then paste in a blank patch. Its compressed code, you can do this yourself by highlighting/selecting all the objects in a patch then going to Edit>Copy Compressed.
    • Jan 09 2013 | 7:55 am
      I don't know why this one is no longer working with me. Been using the configuration and I don't think I am doing the right thing.
      Regards, Matthew, of Keka Co.