ipoke~, butt~ and += now in version 2

    Dec 27 2006 | 6:37 pm
    Dear all
    My very modest contribution to the Max/MSP community is now in v.2
    for Mac (UB)
    ipoke~ in an interpolating buffer writer, filling the gab between non-
    consecutive addresses. This is needed for emulating a variable
    sampling rate digital delay for instance. for version 2, I've
    optimised the filling algorithm and fixed a bug that caused Max to
    crash. The code is about twice as fast.
    butt~ is a dirty filter. A simple trick tickling the feedback buffer
    of a biquad. The v.2 is now Altivec coded, so the code is about 4
    times as fast. Even the scalar mode is way faster due to some
    profiling, about twice as fast. The source is available on the dev
    finally, plusequals (+=) is a simple yet effecient accum. Not really
    needed but sweet ;-)
    All bug reports are welcome as usual. I can send the new code to
    anyone who wants to compile it for XP.
    ps thanks to Peter Castine, Alex Harker and Mark Pauley for their
    time and contribution on the dev list!

    • Dec 27 2006 | 6:41 pm
      oups... 2 info missing:
      They are free as usual!
      And you can download them at
    • Jan 07 2007 | 5:35 pm
      Important announcement to anyone who downloaded butt~ (sorry for the noise for the vast majority who didn't ;-)
      There was a little Altivec bug that could blow your speakers out!!!
      Please download the new version from the same website: