irritating patch cords discussin...

    May 10 2010 | 3:04 pm
    hi, i realise this topic must be infuriating for the wonderful cycling74 people but...
    .. i cannot believe anyone else hasn't mentioned it since 5.1.4 came out:
    WHY have you ditched the brilliant blue circles so soon after introducing them?! the blue circles were SO SO good, people who did not like them were crazy.
    genuine issues:
    1-- not important but notable: the diamonds and blue haze are ugly - i feel like i'm working in cubase on an atari in the 1990's.
    2-- more notable: the garish blue fuzzyness around selected cords now actually gets in the way in complex patches. and i am SO aware of patch cords these days, whereas the black highlight + blue circles appearing when i needed them too were wonderfully 'in the background' of work flow.
    3-- genuine worse performance issue: with the blue circle scenario i could hover, one-click-drag to move a cord - excellent. with the new yucky system i have to click once to select, then move my mouse to the green / red diamond, then click and drag to a new place - a completely irritating and worse work flow.
    there are more issues, i will not bore you all...
    could we not get the cool blue circles back? / have ability to choose between methods in prefs? apologies for the rant, i am trying to be cool.
    my two cents, as they say.