Is this a right project for Max?

    Nov 10 2012 | 8:03 am
    I have an excel (v2003) worksheet with 4 sheets. One sheet is very intensive on comments (about 150 to 200 comments with formatting). I have also heard of similar problems happening in newer version of excel. Also I have saved several version of this document (about 10 saves, such that I am working with the new save as file so making 'corruption' easier to happen).
    I have noticed comments become uneditable and they delete themselves from time to time. Is there a solution with Max to make a simple version of excel? I am looking for a table of contents (I use linked cells that are always in view to jump up and down a very long sheet). Also for it to function as some very basic math (+ * / and ( ) as operators). I use the comments to have rollover effect that show more text and thus I can have them any height and dont mind so much (comments being about 100 px high). Colouring and general formatting of cells and text in the cells are a must.
    Is this something in max that would be pushing the programming language too much to reconstruct a basic excel program? This project would be geared to stats and display of the stats, I do not care so much how print friendly it would be.

    • Nov 10 2012 | 4:15 pm
      huuuh... not sure what you want, but best you could do those things with is jit.cellblock probably. Though..; why do you want to recreate excel ? there is already an excel... there are altrenate open source versions of this too (LibreOffice) and it's more of a program you want to use with max sometimes, than one you want to reconstruct. You know you can 'paste special' in excel, and choose to keep/erase comment, numbers, formulaes etc ?... don't understand really what you want to do...
    • Nov 10 2012 | 10:02 pm
      It seems that MS had a clear limit of the number of comments per sheet so that I have reached that limit and still wanting to add more. Thus I should be looking at other means of displaying these stats. Maybe there is another program that is geared to more extensive uses. I doubt intended freeware will be any better than excel.
      Maybe I could try but it seems having 2000 cells by 1000 cells of jit.cellblock will slow the application down. I am hoping to make this a standalone that doesnt require Max to edit it. Are there ways of achieving scale with Max while retaining performance?
      PS: I would be happy to clean up what is the product of a sleepy head in the O.P. but these forums are not friendly to edits :(
    • Nov 10 2012 | 11:32 pm
      i suspect you're barking up the wrong tree with max; if you put terms like statistics, "data display", spreadsheet, "open source" etc into a search engine you set literally 100s of options-- having said that, it _could_ be done in max but you'd need to have java well integrated into it, ie make a java wrapper for jit.cellblock and go from there.
    • Nov 11 2012 | 12:00 am
      errr, if that is waht you want, i wouldn't advice Max. You should really first try LibreOffice... as far as i know, it's very good, and sometime open source thingies surprise a lot... or ask some Excel forum or LibreOffice forum ?
    • Nov 11 2012 | 4:24 am
      Ok THANKS GUYS. . . . [CLOSED]