isolate and embedding

    Aug 28 2012 | 8:20 am
    Hello everyone !
    Is there a way to isolate (switch on/off) some parts of the patch from being processed ? i could not find if these switches or gates are able exclude anything from cpu schedule .
    and another thing .
    does "dynamic" embedding patch into [poly~] still require a patch that being stored in the same dir (as for poly) when freezing my device ? i mean ... i would love to care just for one file not another 3 .
    i hope some of u can help . and thank u for your time ! K

    • Aug 28 2012 | 8:27 am
      use poly~ with only one instance to "mute" a process... I believe that's the recommended way to do it these days. check out the help file.
    • Aug 28 2012 | 8:40 am
      hi MIB !!!! Sir im not sure if i understand :D does it refer to one of my questions ?
    • Aug 28 2012 | 9:05 am
      sorry.... if you want to turn off DSP (isolate) processing to lower CPU, put elements of your patch into a poly~... if you are only doing midi, gates and switches will do.
      Does that make more sense?
    • Aug 28 2012 | 9:19 am
      YES MIB , now i understand !!!!! thats clever solution thank you !!!
      ... as i understand all that objects (gate ,switch) isolate "control signal" from being processed .... im wondering . because over last few years ive been implementing patches in different environment where just ONE module guaranteed such isolation .here seem that all the gates ans switches are doing the job is there a big difference between ggate gswitches -> switch router ?
      thanks MIB !