ISPW on macOSX

    May 24 2006 | 2:08 pm
    I was looking for a wahwah~ object, remembering it once was part of the jimmies - in fact it was part of the (ircam's) ISPW lib
    I could not find an ispw lib on the net (for osX)
    _on an older mac (a G4 Titanium Pbook) I have 2 partitions of the HD - OS9 and OSX (X45). I had the ispw on the os9 system, tried it it works. _I then copied the ispw lib (+ help files) on the osX part, put them in the (latest) maxmsp search path, and it worked (I know a lot of jimmies etc are abstractions but the wahwah~ and some others are "real" objects) This means those os9 objects did work on osX, not in classic
    _I copied the same lib on my "main" powerbook (G4) - which has also the latest max and the ispw objects do not work.... (i mean "real objects" again arctan2~, pt~ etc) - but the wahwah~ seems to work......
    I admit i do not understand what is going on...
    is there a osX lib for ispw??? how come this one object does work (just because that's the one i was looking for????)?
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