issue changing duration of .mov file

    Jan 14 2013 | 6:19 pm
    Hi everyone,
    This may be an easy fix, but I'm stuck trying to change the duration of a .mov file.
    I am trying to make a patch that will allow me to change the duration of a .mov by simply changing the length of the movie (in seconds) with a float number box. I would like to be able to change the length of a movie to any duration that I want, however when I try to change the length of the "" and "" example movies to 10 seconds, for example, the movie moves along at a slower speed, however the duration does not reach 10 seconds before looping back to the beginning.
    I am obtaining the length (in seconds) of a given .mov file by dividing the duration by the timescale. I would then like to change this resulting value to change the duration. I have posted a color-coded patch that will hopefully clarify what I am trying to do and point out the problem I am having. Try using either of the example movies in the patch and then changing the value in the orange float number box to "10." to see what I mean.
    It is important that I am able to change the entire duration of a movie to a specified length, so this goes beyond simply changing the "rate" of playback. Maybe there is more at play here such as FPS and rate values that I need to incorporate.
    Thanks for any help!