Issue with Position output on xgroove~

    May 11 2011 | 7:28 pm
    Just wondering if this is a known issue, or whether I'm doing something wrong (can't see what).
    I can't get xgroove~ to report position within loop (running on 64bit Win7). I've initialised the object with @sclmode 3 (which in the help patch says loop (0.- 1.)) and it just seems to behave exactly the same as @sclmode 2 - it shows position within buffer, not within the loop points I've sent to the patch. I've tried all the units options and none of them make it work correctly.
    Using the latest version from here
    As far as I can tell the object is no longer supported - which is a shame because it's a great object...

    • May 11 2011 | 7:43 pm
      heh, as always I post something then I find out something more. I think writing it down makes me think the problem through.
      So... not a solution,but a clumsy workaround for anyone else suffering the same issue - if you send a msg "sclmode 3" after you resize the loop the position output works - it seems to recalculate upon receiving that message. Still...bit irritating and in my case will probably result in glitchy staccato triggering in certain circumstances (ie if the new loop moves completely to the right of the old loop I reckon I'm going to get a momentary value > 1 from the output - between processing the start/end command and processing the "sclmode 3" command - which will screw up my calcs slightly - though I can *possibly* work around that...)