Issue with rendering OpenGL on multiple graphics cards (PC)

    Jul 26 2006 | 4:08 pm
    I am currently developing an application with MaxMSP 4.5 / Jitter 1.5.2 This application uses* objects to render graphics onto multiple monitors. I use a Windows PC with two PCIexpress graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 6500 256MB) and one PCI graphics cards (Nvidia Quaddro NVS280 PCI).
    The rendered graphics shall appear only on the screens connected to the two PCIexpress cards. The standard PCI card is used for a console monitor that displays the Max interface. Each screen that displays graphics has its own individual render environment. Meaning one jit.window / setup for each display.
    This all works fine if I set one of the outputs on the PCIexpress cards as primary display in the Windows display settings. Unfortunately we have to use the standard PCI card as primary display, which seems to disable any OpenGL rendering on the PCIexpress cards.
    The bottom line is that OpenGL rendering using the* objects seems to be only available to the graphic cards on the bus on which one of the cards is set to the primary display. Is there any way to control manualy on which graphic card I want to use OpenGL rendering or even better, is there a way to enable OpenGL rendering on all of the cards?