Issues I've found with parameters.

    Mar 05 2010 | 1:58 am
    Hi, Still trying to perfect my first port to Max for Live, and I've found some limitations to clip automation, hopefully someone can debunk these.
    1. This may be a bug - not sure. There is a massive difference in CPU usage between the breakpoint mode of clip automation and the draw mode. If I automate a parameter using live.numbox whether it is an int or float type with a pretty standard range; 0 - 127 it sends my CPU through the roof if clip automation is in breakpoint mode. Even if I zoom in as far as possible in draw mode and input complex automation my CPU is very low compared to if the clip is in breakpoint mode.
    2. The other thing is to do with mod modes and initial values. With all the mod modes Live has there still doesn't seem to be one that suits me. I'd like to always have an automation range of 0 - 127 but be able to set initial values. Unfortunately setting the initial values limits my mode range in all mod modes, albiet in different ways.
    For Panning I can use either additive or bipolar with an initial value of 63. Or I can use absolute if the initial value is zero. But I'd like some of my initial values to be a different on some parameters ie. 17, 47, 95, 79 - but still get a automation range of 0 - 127. Are there any tricks for this. I can extend the range but then excess values that aren't needed.