j 1.6.3

    Nov 01 2006 | 3:01 am
    What's the timeframe for releasing Jitter 1.6.3? I've put all of the bug fixes in there that I want in there except I am going to take a look at jit.gl.texture bordercolor issues tommorrow. If I fix it tommorrow, great, if not tant pis! I have some more shaders I can add to the distro as well:
    mat.phong.cg.jxs mat.phong.glsl.jxs td.refract.jxs td.reflect.jxs td.reflect.phong,jxs
    I also have an example patcher that shows the difference between Phong shading and the standard OpenGL Gouraud shading that might be nice to put in the examples/render folder.