Jamoma Functionality?

    Feb 14 2012 | 9:09 am
    Hi, Jamoma looked pretty good-- I was glad to find it. But not working so well...
    It installs in a Max5 folder-- If that folder isn't there, it creates one. I'm using Max6, so I compared all the folders and dragged pieces over. Max6 has become very unstable-- Not sure if this is Jamoma, but I need to make some progress so I'd like to uninstall...But how? The uninstaller claims to have done in job, but launching Max6 showed it to still be installed. I did a search and deleted whatever pieces I could find. Now on launch the Max window gives a litany of Jamoma things it can't find.
    Even the simple Jamoma input module doesn't run without errors, and I had to go into the internal components to get any input source working. Am I the only one with these issues? No real mention of them on the Jamoma list or elsewhere.
    Am I looking at a Max6 re-install here to be sure it's clean?
    Thanks, brian

    • Feb 14 2012 | 10:10 am
      Maybe the best strategy would be to reinstall Max6 after trashing the current App and folders if you haven't already loaded it up with a bunch of third party stuff...
      There is a link to a Jamoma Max 6 installer about half way down the thread here: http://jamoma-forums-mailing-lists.3076123.n2.nabble.com/Max-6-Compatible-td6936988.html
      Not sure if it's the most current...
      FWIW: What I usually do in times of transition (ie Max 5 to 6) is to leave the earlier version files in place and just add the main relevant folder to the one of newer application's search paths, in this case, you'd probably point it to: Max5/Cycling74/jamoma/ and possibly any other paths it appears the library may need to function. Not really sure if this method would work completely (at all?) with Jamoma, but you'll probably get modules and dependencies etc., to load and this way at least, its easy enough to avoid/undo the mess you seem to have gotten into....
    • Feb 16 2012 | 5:48 pm
      Hi Brian,
      I am one of the Jamoma developers. I'll try to address as many of the issues here as I can:
      - If you want to get rid of Jamoma notifications at startup, please remove the "jcom.loader.mxo" that you'll find installed in Max6/Cycling'74/extensions. - In terms of stability, I'd recommend trying the new Max 6.0.4 released less than a day ago and see if that helps. - If you check out the most recent installers (for Mac at least), you'll see that it has options for installing Jamoma for max 5 and Max 6, with Max 6 checked by default. - We're aware that the uninstall script currently don't uninstall for Max 6. We're working on this, and expect to have it done soon. - The simple audio input module works fine for me. At some point it ended up defaulting to using "none" sound source by default, but this I changed back to having sound file being the default. You still need to bring the volume up once you've selected a sound file and start playing it. If you find that there are other problems with the module, please let me know.
      I hope this helps. In general, I would recommend connecting with us at the Jamoma user list (you find the link to it at the Jamoma web site) if you have issues to raise, I at least am not monitoring the C74 forum on a daily basis, due to the amount of traffic here.
      Cheers, Trond