[Javascript] loading external js library

    Feb 02 2006 | 2:14 am
    is it possible within javascript to have a separate file with
    commonly used functions, that all my JSUI objects can link to,
    similar to how I can include() in php, etc? Sorry, this is JS
    n00bish, just want to organize my code and keep stuff from being messy.
    v a d e //

    • Feb 02 2006 | 3:26 am
      Moving this thread to javascript-dev...
    • Feb 02 2006 | 8:52 am
      You have to create a file in the C74:/jsextensions folder. Jitter
      comes with 3 *Utils.js file which demonstrate this.
    • Jun 27 2012 | 6:13 pm
      Are there any new/alternative ways of loading/using external js libraries? For instance, the Sylvester library? http://sylvester.jcoglan.com/