Javscript - detecting when a M4L device has moved from one track to another

    Jun 17 2014 | 9:17 pm
    I'm pulling my hair out trying to do something so simple.
    All I want to do is do what DISCOPATRICK did here with Javascript.
    Basically, I can't seem to get Live to instantiate an object based on the path of the device.
    Neither of the following ways works I.e. 1. device_callback is never called when I move the device from one track to another 2. this_device_api.path updates every time the device moves, i.e. mode = 1 not working >> the LiveAPI object is following the id, not the path.
    this_device_api = new LiveAPI(device_callback,'this_device');
    this_device_api.mode = 1;
    this_device = new LiveAPI('this_device');
    // Copying the path to a new object
    this_path = this_device.unquotedpath.split(' ').join(' ');
    //Initializing the API
    this_device_api = new LiveAPI(device_callback,this_path);
    this_device_api.mode = 1;
    It only works if I explicitly type this_device_api = new LiveAPI(device_callback, 'live_set tracks N devices n'); this_device_api.mode = 1;