jit.record low FPS issue

    Feb 13 2018 | 1:28 pm
    In my patch I have; Two slide shows and overlays using: Jit.qt.movie x2 (so 4 in total) going into jit.gl.videoplane x2 (so 4 in total)
    then overlays using: jit.matrix going into jit.gl.videoplane
    when I have jit.window displaying the images
    i am recording with jt.gl.asyncread going to jit.record (in realtime)
    im on a fast computer, but when recording the file is only at 7fps.
    is there something obvious anyone sees with the different objects I’m using, that could be changed to make it all more efficient and be able to record at decent fps?

    • Feb 13 2018 | 7:16 pm
      entirely depends on the size of you movie files, whether you have output_texture enabled, whether you're doing any CPU readbacks other than asyncread, the size of your output file, the codec of your output file.
      in other words, post your patch
    • Feb 13 2018 | 9:38 pm
      I think loading in hundreds of jpeg images and running through them super fast was not the way to go. I’m currently rewriting the patch scanning through a movie file frame by frame and it’s much more efficient.
      question though, if I’m using videoplane, then recording with asyncread and jit.record, is there a way to scale the dimensions of what I see on screen and what it seems to render. Basically I am trying to record a movie file in 5k, but it seems the only way to get the right render quality is to drag out jit.pwindow to 5120x2160 which is way larger than my screen. Is there a way to have the render quality at that rate but my preview window smaller so it fits on my screen? Thank you