jit.catch~ limited to 8 channels?

    May 22 2006 | 7:29 pm
    Hello, possible bug?
    the documentation does not say (at least in the html help file for jit.catch~ , but trying to instantiate a [jit.catch~ 12 ] only results in 8 inlets, for any number of channels greater than 8. Documentation does not mention a specific 8 channel limitation?
    Powerbook G4 1.64, 10.4.6, QT 7.1, 1.5Gb Ram Max/MSP 4.5.7, Jitter 1.5.2
    Instantiating a jit.catch~ with more than 8 channels results in a functioning jit.catch~ object with *only* 8 channels. Any channel number below 8 works, anything above 8 does results in only 8 inlets
    Steps to reproduce:
    Instantiate a jit.catch~ 9, and only 8 inlets are created.
    Expected behaviour
    9 inlets are created.
    The objects functions just fine however.
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    • May 22 2006 | 7:45 pm
      I forgot to mention, the obvious workaround is to use... more than one jit.catch~, but it caught me off guard and I figured id mention it.
      btw, I just really discovered using the new 1.5 jitter msp~ bridge objects. holy fuck, im having so much fun... thanks!
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