Jun 18 2010 | 11:48 am
    Hello, I am using the jit.cellblock object 3*3 and i would like someway, maybe with a message to send some value to the cellblock and replace the old value with the new one of the message. I cant find it from the reference..So any help will be usefull. Thanks..

    • Jun 18 2010 | 6:42 pm
      you can use either the "select" and "text" messages, or the "set" message. check out the help file, specifically the "editing_stuff" patcher, and the reference, for more info.
    • Jun 19 2010 | 10:05 pm
      Thanks for your time, i think that its one of the set or the append message the right but i think that i am not doing something right with the composition or i just dont use the right messages. any help??? Thanks..
    • Jun 19 2010 | 10:51 pm
      it seems (from your TRIES) that you are trying to get a list of numbers from a message into the matrix... if this is the case then try jit.fill
      or did you specifically want to work with messages to the jit.cellblock object?
    • Jun 19 2010 | 11:07 pm
      This is what i was trying to find exactly, maybe its was a stupid question but i am a newbie in max.. Thanks a lot...
    • Jun 20 2010 | 12:32 pm
      In continue of the previous, here its a part of my patch and i would like to know if its possible when i apply a filter on a video, to keep the result of that, and then over the previous result to apply a different filter to see the result both of the filters.. like combination. For example of the blur and sharpen filter..
    • Jun 23 2010 | 12:11 pm