jit.desktop CPU usage

    Sep 18 2008 | 2:05 pm
    Hey jitterists --
    I couldn't find this in the archives, and unfortunately it's a 4.6 issue (I don't have easy access to an iMac to test it under 5 yet). I have a standalone application that uses jit.desktop at one point, updating the output every 2 seconds. It works fine on all kinds of platforms -- various Macs and Windows machines -- except new iMacs with large screens. For some reason, it seems that jit.desktop pumps the CPU usage up to a sustained 100%(!) usage level.
    One thing I'm doing is to reduce the Desktop image to a 60x60 matrix, i.e. [jit.desktop 4 char 60 60]. I tried reducing the screen resolution on the iMac, but it seemed to have no effect. And again, this problem only seems to manifest on new iMacs. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions?