jit.dx.grab write issue with dv input

    Mar 20 2006 | 9:32 pm
    I can't record a video file on the hard drive using jit.dx.grab and a dv input.
    - open jit.dx.grab help file - metro on - open the grab component - write message within the grab-to-disk patcher - choose path name (do not overwrite a pre-existing movie, this may create a readable movie file) max message : error: jit.dx.grab: could not set frame rate - record for 10 seconds - stop - try to open the file with quicktime Quicktime message : error - 2048
    no problem with a Quickcam webcam.
    workaround : overwrite a pre-existing movie
    Can aynone reproduce this ?
    lastest Max/msp and jitter with Quicktime 7.04
    it works with a Quickcam webcam