jit.gl.3dtext and physics in JS-> incoherent behavior on MBP and MacPro

    May 30 2013 | 6:17 pm
    Hi beautiful forum people,
    thanks for having me watching everyone's work for years. :)
    I'd like to share this little patch of mine.
    It is a draft for a "lower third titling" system which might be used with syphon.
    You enter a string and some nice falling letters appear.
    I've tested the patch on a
    non-Retina 13'' MBP, half 2012, 2,5 GHz I5, Intel HD 4000, OS X 10.8.3,
    and it works as expected.
    While on a
    half 2010 MacPro, 2x2,4 Quad Xeon, 2xRadeon HD5770, OS X 10.7.5,
    seems like jit.gl.text3d object are only able to render half of the possible characters.
    Is any lucky possessor of a MacPro able to reproduce that?
    I also struggling against  "text" method to 3dtext objects in javascript, it doesn't seems to react as expected.
    js code is attached, and also copied in a "comment" object.
    Thanks in advance!
    Here the patch: