jit.gl.hap, discrete graphics card, application build, problems

    Sep 27 2013 | 10:11 pm
    hi, i have some issues and would appreciate any experience / help. all osx 10.6.8., max6.1.3., 32-bit.
    i built an app from a .maxproj on my machine, incuding a jit.gl.hap and a jit.gl.syphonserver. quite simple, 8 simple slab shaders. works fine on my machine (crappy 2011 macmini with integrated graphics), although fps chokes with 1080.
    when i transfer to a macbookpro (not retina), having included cg.framework, shaders, java, etc in support folder, application works sporadically, then not at all.
    issues are: stops being able to load any hap encoded video. works when first opened, then breaks. ditch all prefs etc, might work, then breaks, etc.
    with other video encoded stuff sometimes black flickering in playback, but not consistent with a certain codec, just sometimes with various codecs / qualities. (this happens with max on my machine as well as the app on the other machine, but never if using jit.qt.movie).
    very strange: i am getting the same fps performance on integrated graphics on macmini as the macbookpro with discrete graphics. i assumed i'd get much better performance. we need up to 1920/1080 on this app. but i think the discrete graphics is not kicking in at all. how does one force jitter (through a MaxRT app) to address the discrete graphics? i have no experience of these computers. surely jit.gl.hap should be blazing fast and smooth on such a machine? (have gone to the bizarrely miniscule selection of osx prefs on this issue).
    i've heard of possible 64-bit default quicktime maybe being a problem. any thoughts? is our archaic 10.6.8 an issue?
    thanks for any help.