[jit.gl.hap] no loop report when set to loop 0

    Feb 11 2014 | 8:41 pm
    Hey all,
    The subject says it all! If I set loop to 0, and the clip reaches the end, I get no bangs indicating that playback has finished. Obviously, jit.gl.hap is different than jit.qt.movie, but the fact that jit.qt.movie does this, and jit.gl.hap doesn't shows that it's possible? I'm sure others would find it useful to know when the movie has ended without setting the looping state to 1? Is this possible to fix? I find doing the ol' get duration subtracting x amount of frames from the end sometimes a bit cumbersome, and more annoying performance wise as you have to constantly poll the frame count.
    Looking forward, to digging more into the object though!