jit.gl.meshwarp problem

    Dec 11 2021 | 3:13 am
    Hi, I get this when ever I open jit.gl.meshwarp
    • js: mesh.js loaded meshwarp.js: Javascript ReferenceError: Mesh is not defined, line 94 js: Set_Attributes_Functions: Javascript TypeError: gMesh is undefined, line 204 js: error calling function getPosition [meshwarp.js] js: Set_Attributes_Functions: Javascript TypeError: gMesh is undefined, line 192 js: error calling function getScale [meshwarp.js]
    Any tips please?

    • Dec 13 2021 | 7:14 pm
      I'm wondering if there is some other file in your searchpath that is conflicting with the meshwarp files, perhaps a file named mesh or mesh.js. If this is the culprit, it is likely that we need to fix the naming of these include files so that this doesn't happen. I can try to throw together a quick update of this for you to test out. In the meantime you could also try to track down if this file conflict exists on your system.
    • Dec 13 2021 | 7:29 pm
      Hi Roger, I went ahead and threw together an update to test out my theory of the naming conflict. Can you please give this version of Jitter Tools a try? Simply unzip and place in your Packages folder and restart Max, and then give jit.gl.meshwarp a try again. If this is the correct fix, then I will push this update to the package manager for an official update.
    • Dec 13 2021 | 11:40 pm
      Thanks Rob, works wonderfully now. Off to have fun warping.
    • Dec 14 2021 | 3:51 pm
      great, thanks much for confirming