jit.gl.model - possible to fade a model in/out?

    Oct 06 2012 | 2:01 am
    Hi All,
    I'm trying to fade a 3D model in and out (as you can do with 3D text setting blend_enable 1 and depth enable 0)
    It doesn't seem to work. I have a texture coming from a jit.qt.movie, and I can fade that, but it just turns the model black.
    I'm looking for a proper way to actually fade the model in an OpenGL scene.
    Any solutions would be awesome, Thanks!

    • Oct 06 2012 | 12:35 pm
      hi may be this can help you,
    • Oct 06 2012 | 3:11 pm
      Hi matmat,
      Thanks so much - That works!