Jit.gl.node rendering question

    Sep 27 2019 | 9:13 am
    Hi guys,
    i have a very simple question, but i dont understand what i m doing wrong. I think it has to be with gl.node / word.
    In this very basic example bellow (which is actually based pon something i took from forum, i think it was a one of Rob's post, a patch that simplifies the vertices and keep only unique coordinates), i dont understand why however the gridshape 'blabla' (calculated on 'bla') is supposed to be rendered to a specific node (node "test"), it doesnt seem to belong to it. If i enable/disable that node, this gridshape is still displayed in the word context. The mesh blablabla, belongs to the same node, and it is displayed accordingly, as expected. I tried to figure out different things.. blend, depth, layer etc. I miss something, and need to understand what's going on here, Sorry if it looks pretty basic. Any help would be super nice . the patch :

    • Sep 27 2019 | 2:45 pm
      ok. i only put automatic to 1, and it seems to fix the issue .
      I guess now, i really know what's that parameter is designed for :)