Jit.gl.path orientation

    Dec 05 2013 | 4:10 pm
    I've been trying to work out how to get control of the orientation of a ribbon created with jit.gl.path. The ribbon looks good, but as the path is changed, the orientation of the ribbon along its length changes too. Can anybody offer advice on how to keep the ribbon orientation static for each point along its path?
    Patch attached which shows how the ribbon orientation flicks about as it is drawn.
    Many thanks in advance

    • Dec 08 2013 | 3:40 am
      Hey, cool patch!
      I tried to fix your problem to no avail. All I can say is that the orientation value (tenth value) doesn't seem to do anything, so that won't help. So see if you can change the way that the other 9 values get generated...and if that doesn't work, just accept the fact that your ribbon is a bit "special".
      If you want to try a different approach altogether, check out Day 9 at the following link: https://cycling74.com/wiki/index.php?title=Physics_Patch-A-Day
      Ben B. figured out how to max a 0 gravity snake, maybe you could use that principle to make a ribbon!
      Good luck!