jit.gl.sketch to jit.gl.slab

    Feb 17 2011 | 5:56 pm
    Hi, Is it possible to send the image from jit.gl.sketch to a jit.gl.slab to apply a filter like blur? thanks, albert

    • Feb 17 2011 | 9:34 pm
      Have a look at [jit.gl.asyncread], it captures the GL geometry into a matrix, and then you can send this matrix into the slab.
    • Feb 17 2011 | 10:39 pm
      If you set the @capture on jit.gl.sketch to a named texture, you can capture everything that sketch draws to a texture that is then passed to jit.gl.slab. Make sure to set the dimensions of the captured texture. This is how the rendering chain in Jitter Recipe 42: RenderMaster works.
    • Apr 04 2016 | 7:48 pm
      Has this changed at all in recent versions? I seem to be having an issue, trying to use the @capture_buffer and @capture_source arguments to no avail.
    • Apr 04 2016 | 8:40 pm
      add the jit.gl.sketch to a jit.gl.node @capture 1