Jit matrix allocation question

    Apr 18 2012 | 10:35 am
    I'm writing a jitter external, which receives network data when banged and outputs 4 different jitter matrixes filled with the data.
    I've followed the jit.noise example - but my output matrixes need to have different dimsizes.
    So the question is: how do I correctly initialize/set the matrixes ?
    At the moment i'm calling
    max_jit_mop_setup_simple(x,o,argc,argv); max_jit_attr_args(x,argc,argv);
    in the max wrapper new method. (without setting any args in max)
    In the jitter init method I call jit_mop_output_nolink for all outputs.
    And in the jitter matrix_calc method: (code reduced to one output matrix)
    out_skel_matrix = jit_object_method(outputs,_jit_sym_getindex,0);
    if (x && out_skel_matrix) { out_savelock_skel = (long) jit_object_method(out_skel_matrix,_jit_sym_lock,1);
    skeleton_minfo.planecount=5; skeleton_minfo.dimcount=1; skeleton_minfo.dim[0]=MAXSKELETONJOINTS*MAXCAMS; skeleton_minfo.type=_jit_sym_float32;
    jit_object_method(out_skel_matrix, _jit_sym_setinfo, &skeleton_minfo); jit_object_method(out_skel_matrix, _jit_sym_getinfo, &skeleton_minfo); // this is necessary for some reason [..fill matrixes with data..]
    Is this the correct way to do this? I'm asking because I get random crashes and corrupted patches. Seems like the external is overwriting memory beyond boundaries :(
    Thanks for any comment!