jit.matrixset with different srcdim and dstdim messages

    Apr 06 2012 | 1:47 am
    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to use [jit.matrixset] to store multiple matrices that, once output, will each have different source and destination dimensions.
    For example, lets say that I have this patch (posted below, the patch found in the [jit.matrixset] reference). Here, there are two matrices being stored by [jit.matrixset]. I would like to have one of these matrices occupy the left half of the final output matrix, and the other to occupy the right half of the final output matrix, so that I have a split-screen effect using the two stored matrices. I'm just not sure where the srcdim and dstdim messages have to go in the signal path in order to make this happen.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Apr 06 2012 | 4:37 pm
      if you're only trying to position the matrixset matrices in the final matrix, then you only need to set dstdim attrs in the final matrix.
      hopefully this patch helps clarify. keep in mind that if you are trying to place several matrices into one big matrix, you should store the matrices in the matrixset at a lower resolution to save processing and memory.
    • Apr 10 2012 | 6:49 pm
      Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for!