jit.op color project question

    Nov 10 2012 | 7:13 pm
    Hello, this is my first post, and Im fairly new to max (taking a class now) so please bear with me.
    Im working on a project that basically toggles on different videos with a string. currently I have 6 strings and each one is mapped specifically to a video with solid colors. (example; red gradient moving across screen, blue gradient moving across screen etc) My idea is to play each "color" (video) based on the string being pulled, and when two strings are pulled the colors mix (using jit.op @op+)....
    So far I have figured out how to combine each one (using a gl object and changing it back to a matrix) and map the 6 strings to the 6 "colors" with a string pluck triggering them. I am using a switch object to tell it which one to play, and I have used the jit.op object on every combination of colors (21 in all including the original 6)
    Alright, so the problem I am having is the switch opening up for when two strings are pressed; in other words turning on the switch for the specific jit.op. (for example; pull the "yellow string" makes yellow video start(switch1), pull the "blue string" make blue start(switch2), pull both while they are running and they combine to make a "green video"(switch3)) **each video is 3 seconds long**
    @@@I was thinking I could do it one of two ways, the first being with math involved where they add up to tell it which switch to turn on. But an easier way to do this, if max has it, would be to make a patch that said something like: for the duration of switch one, if switch two starts, it triggers switch 3 instead (which would be the jit.op@ op+ object)
    Can you do this, Or is there a better way?
    Thank you all for reading this, sorry that it was so long, I just wanted you to get a feel for what Im trying to make. I really hope someone can help!

    • Nov 13 2012 | 6:20 pm
      Hi. If you could post a patch, it would be much easier to help you. Go to Edit > Copy Compressed and past the result here.