jit.p VS own matrices for pos + vel + whatever for particles ?

    Jun 25 2013 | 8:35 pm
    Hi there,
    and again big up for MIRA & 6.1.3 !
    exploring potential & expressive power of particles system, I'd like to know your opinion (and facts) about the use of jit.p family of objects VS own matrices.
    I studied at least 3 ways to go with particles in Max6:
    - jit.p family
    - own matrices (position + velocities + jit.gen for all stuff) then jit.gl.mesh drawing points
    - floating point texture and moving every calculations on the GPU (through jit.gl.pix or slab + shader)
    I didn't test the last item yet.
    Of course, everything depends on:
    - particles particles interaction or not (collision detection, flocking etc)
    - forces applied (rotational, gravitational etc)
    What are your experiences and feelings about this ?
    I used to make my own matrices etc, but jit.p seems really nice.